War and Peace 20231230

War and Peace 20231230(字幕入り)












War and Peace 20231230 (subtitled)


words / music / song : Ai Miu


This song was created by Ai Miu with a wish for world peace.

It is a heart-wrenching reminder of the cruel conflict, the importance of human life, and the desire to heal bereavement.

It is a little a cappella with subtitles, so please listen to it if you like.


Since the world situation is quite serious, I would like to upload songs for world peace when I can.

I wish world peace.





The lyrics are posted, if you would like to see them.


War and Peace 20231230


words : Ai Miu


Are there any lives that fight because they want to fight ?


I'v been feeling it for a long time


Everyone wants peace


Don't lose their life


I want them alive


Our hearts are forever connected to the precious lives that have taken to the skies


My heart aches at this sad and cluel conflict


Forgive me if I can only dream that one day everyone in the world will be happy


殺したく無いと 殺さないでという


悲鳴 聞こえ


悲鳴 あげる